At Pitt Cue we take our drinks as seriously as our food. Rather than stock everything, we select only 'underdog spirits' chosen to complement our food. Our Bourbons & Ryes are a cross-section of the best available; be it Pappy van Winkle or our personally-selected barrel of Eagle Rare 10. All our Mezcals are traditionally made: from Del Maguey Iberico to the lesser-known Papadiablo. We specialise in Pechugas, ceremonial mezcals distilled with meat.

Finally, R(h)um, but only those without added colour or sugar. From sugarcane-based Rhum Agricole to molasses-based Smith & Cross, we have a range of hugely complex expressions including Clairin, an uncut, unfiltered Haitian rum used in Voodoo rituals. Our extensive Wine list showcases the very best producers from both the new and old worlds.

Alphabeta, our in house brewery, uses the very best ingredients to produce beer that is in synergy with our kitchen and food. We are taking brewing back to basics, concentrating on flavour, producing beers that both enhance the dining experience, but can also be enjoyed on their own at the bar.

Our opening range will include a selection from Best Bitter, Pale Ale, IPA, Smoked Porter, Rye Beer and Bourbon Brown Ale, with other seasonal offerings and experiments appearing throughout the year. Follow us on twitter to be kept up to date on what is freshly brewed.

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